Major Equipments

LV100D, Nikon
Upright microscope
(epi- and diascopic illumination)
NX10, Park Systems
Atomic force microscope
SV-10, A&D company
Viscometer [Manual]

CNC 1624, Zenbot
Tabletop CNC [Manual]
ix81   IX81, Olympus 
   Inverted microscope
shv30r SHV-30R,Conver tech
 High power supply
 CX-200TM, Coxem 
Scanning Electron Microcope
Ion Coater, Coxem 
Digital Ion Coater
– Au
FURNCAEWRHF-601D, Semitronix
High Temperature Furnace
-TE218 [Manual]

33265a1a61e6219a28341e4ca75f33d7HR4000, OceanOptics
High-resolution Spectrometer

F8257134-01NIR SCAN, Taxes Instrument
NIR Spectrometer

product92_1414116146_1SH-FU-50TG, Samheung Energy
Tube Furnace


Custom Setup

Suspended nanochannel resonators
This setup is a home-built optical lever constructed with a polarized laser, a 5x beam expander, a polarizing beam splitter, a quarter wave plate, and a microscope objective lens. A collimated laser beam is expanded and focused onto a suspended nanochannel resoantors then reflected back and refocused onto a segmented photodetector. The photodetector output is monitored with an oscilloscope, heterodyne-mixed down with a frequency reference, and recorded in a PC through the data acquisition card. Basically, this setup is used to measure mass, volume, and density of various nanoparticles and nanofluids. 
When the temperature of an object is varied, its optical properties (absorptance, transmittance, and reflectance) are also changed. Therefore, the intensity of reflected light can be a measure of the surface temperature of DUT. This setup is based on a Nikon microscope and is additionally configured with a polarized laser, a beam splitter, a silicon photodetector, and a CCD camera. While a thermal MEMS device is joule-heated, local temperaure can be measured with high spatial and temporal resolution. 
Dynamic mask lithography
This is a customized local patterning setup for hydrogels on various MEMS devices. Dynamic photomasks are provided by a beam projector (Canon, REALiS SX50) and a UV light emitting diode. A target attached on a sample mount was placed in a hydrogel bath. Initially, the target made a soft contact to a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) layer coated on a glass slide. After pouring a hydrogel into the bath, the target was separated from the PDMS layer and the gap between the target and the PDMS layer was set to be a target thickness of the hydrogel pattern using a precision 3-axis microstage. At the onset of the separation, capillary filling of the hydrogel occurred. Then, a short exposure to the UV light cured the hydrogel between the gap. Finally, the target was developed in isopropanol alcohol and then dried.

Liquid Metal Direct-injection Patterning
This is a customized local patterning setup for liquid-metal (especially EGaIn) on various substrate. The injection of liquid metal is controlled with pressure regulator for constant pressure in the syringe barrel. XY axis are consisted of DC servo motor stage, and Z axis is consisted of manual precision microstage. The gap between substrate and injection tip can be measured with 10X objective lens mounted CCD camera. File extension of pattern drawing is .csv which consisted of XY relative coordination. This fill can be loaded on custom Labview program and printed following the drawing.

Common Equipments

1. Keithley Sourcemeter 2400 : 3
2. Keithley High voltage supply 247 : 1
3. Keithley Multimeter 2000 : 2
4. Agilent Oscilloscope DSO-X-2014A : 1
5. Agilent Oscilloscope DSO 1012A : 1
6. Rigol Oscilloscope DS 1102E : 1
7. Agilent Power supply E3630A : 6
8. Agilent Power supply E3612A : 1
9. Agilent Multimeter U1253B : 1
10. Stanford Research DSP Lock-in amplifier SR850 : 1
11. Stanford Rsearch Low noise pre-amplifier SR560 : 1
12. National Instruments DAQ USB6361 : 3
13. National Instruments Sourcing digital output : 3
14. National Instruments MyDAQ : 7
15. National Instruments ELVIS II+ : 1
16. National Instruments CompactRio cRIO-9024 : 1
17. National Instruments cRIO module 9215 : 1
18. National Instruments cRIO module 9269 : 1
19. Thermoscientific Waterbath NesLab RTE10 : 1
20. Wisecircu Waterbath WCR-P8 : 1
21. Wisestir Hotplate MSH-20D : 1
22. OHAUS Precision scale AR4130 : 1
23. Siglent Function Generator SDG 1050 : 1

TE 218 Clean room manuals

Dektak XT (Profilometer) [Manual]
PDMS to PDMS transfer method (using silane)  [Manual]
Basic photo lithography process [Manual]